The 5 “Ws” to a college visit

From Hazard, Kentucky to Nashville, Tennessee, students and their families from Perry Central High School and Buckhorn High School made their 532 mile round trip 1st family college visit with GEAR UP Family Partnership.  And what an experience it was….

18 families totaling 54 individuals left the campus of Perry Central High School on May 7th and returned home on May 9th.  Buckhorn High School left the following week with 16 families and a total of 49 individuals on May 14th and returned May 16th. During the 3 days and 2 nights of scheduled visits, everyone was eager to follow the parent-made rule to  “listen, learn, and link the experience to what is now being described by many as “college bound”.

The trip began with the first stop on Thursday at Western Kentucky University.  A detailed campus tour was given by graduating seniors from the college.  This included many of the department buildings, dorms, student unions and athletic facilities.  The afternoon ended with a second college visit being at Watkins College of Art, Film and Design.  This experience left a spark in the hearts of several art inspired students on the trip.  Friday begin with a half day lasting tour of Lincoln College of Diesel Mechanics.  The 25 acre campus left nothing to the imagination.  Many of the young men and ladies who experienced it are still talking about the opportunities of the technical college.

Lastly, let’s not forget about another important reason for our family trip; family time.  As the Family Partnership Specialist I like to utilize any opportunity for families to spend together.  Whether it’s visiting colleges, eating at restaurants, exploring the city of Nashville, taking in the culture of country music, shopping, swimming or simply riding in a motor coach, bonding is where it’s at.

A very smart person once told me that a school, teachers and GEAR UP staff will provide the how of educational tools for a student’s future, but the parent is the who, where, when and why backbone to their child’s future.

This Family Partnership blog is brought you by Angie Hampton, Family Partnership Specialist in Perry County, KY

Angela Hampton brings more than 15 years of professional experience working with families and children to the Family Partnership. Hampton’s work experience is divided between 11 years of service with Protection and Permanency and four years working with families in the field of mental health. Hampton received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Eastern Kentucky University. As a first-generation college student, it was important for her to give back to her community. Her passion is to engage the hearts and minds of all ages, to shine a light on the need for education and well-being, and to help others see what opportunities extend beyond the mountains of Eastern Kentucky.