Family Engagement

Grilling With Dads

What’s cooking? Many are asking this question after hearing about, Healthy Grilling with Dad, a great summer program in Owsley County. With last year’s Healthy Grilling with Dad being such a success, families anticipated this year’s session. This summer, Family Engagement Specialist Sue Christian and VISTA Family Engagement Liaison Laura Thorpe recruited 10 dads and their families to participate in three grilling sessions with Chef Mat Shalenko of Louisville.

Grilling with Dads 7 Chef Mat and Bobby edit

Healthy Grilling with Dad is a multi-purpose program that allows fathers to spend time with their families in a productive way that teaches healthy cooking, patience and allows for families to be creative in building healthy menus. Here’s a sampling from the menus: roasted cauliflower, grilled pineapple, specially seasoned grilled chicken and Caesar salad. These scrumptious meals had families eating and cooking together like champions. This is a great example of how in the three-week program families learn how they can collaborate for dinners within the home.

In addition to skills gained and families growing close through eating yummy food, dads graduate from the three-week program with their grill as well as all of the utensils they have used so they can continue practicing healthy grilling at home. Sue Christian says, there’s something special about seeing young and older dads working together with their children and families!

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Family Engagement offers learning opportunities to parents and entire families that provide valuable skills as well as fun activities for parents and their children. Every year, the Family Engagement Specialists facilitate a Families and Schools Together (FAST) program, which is one example of the family engagement and activities they offer. FAST helps families improve their parenting skills and become more connected with their schools. In partnership with the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence, the family engagement part of Promise Neighborhood’s work also offers parents and community members an opportunity to learn how to be an effective representative for children in Kentucky’s educational system. The Family Partnership staff collaborates with all of the Promise Neighborhood initiatives to achieve their results.

  • Families and community members support learning in Promise Neighborhood schools.