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When you start thinking about college, the prospect may seem overwhelming. There are so many decisions to make, from which colleges to consider and what to study to how to apply and pay for college. We can help you in every step of this process.

Did you know that Kentucky alone has more than 80 colleges to choose from? Check them out at Colleges and Universities in Kentucky! And think about how many colleges and universities there must be across the entire country!

Not sure what you want to be? As you explore our website and let your day-dreams start to take shape, is your dream to be a doctor, a writer, an electrician, a lawyer, a teacher, an entertainer? Whatever your goal, we know you can achieve it if you set your mind to it, but you will need some help along the way. That’s what we’re here for!

Let’s see how much you know about college. Click here and take this fun and simple quiz. Don’t worry. It’s not going to be graded ;) Didn’t do so hot? Don’t worry! All of the answers are right here on this website.

Check out these links and find out everything you ever wanted to know about college and how you can get there! College Awareness:

The FAFSA is the first step in getting financial aid. This website is the place to go for questions concerning government aid and to actually fill out the real FAFSA.

FastWeb offers you information on financial aid, colleges in general, and can also help you find a part-time job. More importantly, however, is the sites ability to search for potential scholarships that you can apply to.

Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority offers a wealth of knowledge that will benefit all Kentucky students who are in the planning stages of their college careers.

You know what this is. The ACT folks have created a website to help you prepare for the most important exam of your high school and college career!

College Visits
Students that visit college campuses are more likely to seek out college degrees. This link will show you how to make the most of your college visit.

In order to turn Kentucky students’ college dreams into action-oriented goals, Kentucky’s Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE) launched the KnowHow2GOKy campaign in 2008. KnowHow2GOky is a multiyear, multimedia effort designed to encourage more Kentuckians to plan, enroll and succeed in college.

As you explore information about college, don’t feel overwhelmed. Simply move at your own pace and take the whole college experience one step at a time. What grade are you currently in? Click the category to the right that is most applicable to you!