Corporation for National & Community Service CEO Visits Berea


Corporation for National and Community Service Chief Executive Officer Wendy Spencer visited Partners for Education at Berea College Wednesday to learn first-hand how CNCS programs are working to help Appalachian Kentucky youth succeed in school. Representatives from AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps VISTA programs administered by Berea College introduced themselves to Spencer and talked about how the programs serve their communities. Representatives from partnering organizations, like Save the Children, Grow Appalachia, and Knox, Leslie, and Madison County Schools also spoke with Spencer about the difference the programs are making in thousands of lives.

05_Group_ShotWhen she had heard from everyone, Spencer told attendees about a recent CNCS study that found that service and volunteering can have on employment, that job applicants who have service or volunteering experiences are significantly more like to find a job after being out of work, 55% more likely in rural areas. “There is a direct correlation now that we can prove scientifically, that it’s going to help you personally,” she said. “That’s not to mention that it would mean more hands and hearts in our communities helping people in need.”

Spencer closed by thanking everyone for their comments and for doing the work they do. “I’m really inspired today to hear the connection that you’ve applied, for national service and volunteerism, to your own communities and how you’re lifting it up.”

For more information about CNCS, visit them here. To see more photos from the visit, check out the image gallery here.

Partners for Education 2015 Awards

Partners for Education 2015 Awards