Chat and Chew with Jenny Ceesay

Jenny Ceesay, associate director of college access, discussed and demonstrated how to use four free online resources that can be used to benefit K-12 and even college students.

Khan Academy: “We’re on a mission to unlock the world’s potential. Most people think their intelligence

is fixed. The science says it’s not. It starts with knowing you can learn anything.” Khan Academy

has recently made available college access resources and has a new partnership with the

College Board to provide free SAT prep to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Get Schooled: Get Schooled is a national non-profit founded on the belief that students have the

power to improve their future if given the right information and motivation. To do this, Get

Schooled uses the messengers (celebrities, powerful peers, pop culture events) and the means

(mobile/SMS, social, web) that youth turn to.

Ever Financial Literacy: EverFi focuses on teaching, assessing, and certifying students in the

critical skills that real life demands. Their digital course areas include financial literacy, student loan

management, digital citizenship, civic awareness, entrepreneurial thinking, alcohol and substance

abuse, and sexual assault prevention. (must have login from school)

Wells Fargo Hands on Banking: “The Hands on Banking online financial courses include free

instructor guides with classroom lessons and activities that will help you guide students through

real-life scenarios, group discussions, and other activities designed to teach valuable money management

skills and help them take control of their finances.”

Chat and Chew--Jenny Ceesay

Jackson County STEM Fair, Farm-to-School Showcase

Last month, GEAR UP and Promise Neighborhood staff at Jackson County High School hosted a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math or STEM Fair on their campus, at the same time as a Farm-to-School showcase!  Elementary school students from around the county came to see the stations and learn about tons of college and career options directly from students and community members from their own county!

Jackson County STEM Fair, Farm-to-School Showcase