Clark-Moores Students Connect with Their Community


Volunteers from organizations around Richmond traveled to Clark-Moores Middle School on the morning of Friday, January 11 for Community Service Day. The volunteers shared with students their experiences, goals, and helpful advice. The students had been busy all week preparing for the event, learning how they can help their community by dressing in professional attire like khaki pants, tucked in t-shirts and belts and visiting local nursing homes. They also participated in a food drive by collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House.


When the event began, students were split into groups to talk to each volunteer. Periodically, an announcement to switch classrooms rang through the speakers, signaling for students to move on to activities like making crafts for a cause, packing boxes full of essentials for the needy, cleaning the school bleachers, or learning the history of well-known groups like the American Red Cross.

“I felt like it was a very positive activity for our students,” said Stacy Brockman, GEAR UP Academic Specialist at Clark-Moores and coordinator of the event. “They were really engaged and learned about charitable organizations in our community, state and the world.”


Before the event, students also decorated hearts for 26 Acts of Kindness, a movement that honors the victims of the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting. The students wrote on each heart an act of kindness they witnessed or performed. The best hearts were chosen to be part of the 26 hung on the wall for Community Service Day.

The event was sponsored by Berea College’s GEAR UP partnership. Berea College and 19 school districts from southeastern Kentucky work together to ensure that every student becomes college and career ready.

Organizations that participated in Community Service Day included the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the Richmond Fire Department’s Toys for Kids program, the Humane Society, the Ty Lucas Foundation, Hope’s Wings, Grace Now, Habitat for Humanity, Prince of Peace Orphanage in Guatemala and the Pregnancy Help Center.

The event allowed students at Clark-Moores Middle School to engage in community service and learn how to continue to do so in the future. “The feedback from our students has been exciting,” Brockman said.