Estill County High School Students Celebrate MLK Day by Volunteering

A group of students from Estill County High School traveled to Lexington Monday to volunteer as part of a Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday celebration.  The students visited Transylvania University, where they made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for Hope Mobile Outreach, a project that helps homeless men, women and children by offering food, clothing and healthcare.  Students also made Valentine’s Day cards for the Ronald McDonald Foundation and wrote letters to U.S. military service members stationed overseas.

Front row left to right: Ashley Flynn, Whitney Innis, Brittney Viars, Jonica Davis. Back row left to right: Kristina Baker, Aleeza Costantino, James Enrique Strange, Sharon Niece.

Ashley Flynn is the AmeriCorps Kentucky College Coach for Estill County High School and one of the event coordinators.  She said the trip was a success.  “Students who participated used their day off from school to help others,” she said. “It was a very fun day.”

The event was the result of a partnership between the Kentucky River Foothills Youth Investment Project and Kentucky College Coaches.  Sharon Niece, the Youth Coordinator for the Youth Investment Project, provided transportation for the event, and participants from her project also attended.