The Full Moon Writers: (back row, left to right) Chelsey Belt, Gabrielle Tirey (middle row, L to R) Whitney Tillery, Hailey Tirey, Brooke Clark, (front row, L to R) Megan Shaw, Carla Cox, and Destiny Lakes.

The Full Moon Writers, a community writing and arts group for girls ages 11 – 16, recently performed their play, A Friendship Birthday Sleepover. The play is about a birthday party to which one friend doesn’t receive an invitation and how the group reconciles with her. The cast included  Carla Cox, Megan Shaw, Destiny Lakes, Brooke Clark, Gabrielle Tirey, Whitney Tillery, Chelsea Belt and Hailey Tirey.

The Full Moon Writers began meeting weekly in September. The student-directed group has explored free writing, personal experience writing, poetry and playwriting. Haley McCoy, a Jackson County youth leader, and Beth Dotson Brown, an artist with the Promise Neighborhood program, facilitate the group.

Jennifer Rose, another Promise Neighborhood artist, helped the students write and learn to perform a song for the play.

“It’s been wonderful to see these girls develop their creativity, writing abilities, leadership and teamwork skills, and friendships as this group has evolved. They wrote their play, which so well represented the friendship struggles young women have,” says Beth Dotson Brown. “For me it was great fun to see the talent that emerged as the group rehearsed their play.”

The group’s next project is to learn to make journals with Promise Neighborhood artist Linda Fifield.