Our Leadership

Dreama Gentry, Executive Director
Dreama Gentry, J.D. provides leadership and vision to Partners for Education. The Executive Director’s Team develops strategic partnerships to further the vision of Partners for Education, communicates the results and impact of Partners for Educations’ programs and activities, and assists Berea College faculty in obtaining and implementing federally funded programs.


Heather Dufour, Director of Grant Services and Compliance
Heather Dufour guides and provides oversight to the Grant Services and Compliance department in Partners for Education. The Grant Services and Compliance Team ensures that all Partners for Education programs operate with fidelity, meet funder expectations and timelines, and are compliant with funder and Berea College regulations and policies.


Rochelle Garrett, M.S.W., Director of Family Partnership
Rochelle Garrett provides vision and leadership to the Family Partnership program. The Family Partnership Team assists families in the development of the skills, knowledge and social capital needed to be a strong educational advocate for their child.


Kevin Hall, Director of College Access
Kevin Hall, M.B.A. guides the college access and success work of Partners for Education. The College Access Team empowers students to believe in themselves and their abilities, prepares students for successful completion of a post-secondary education, and shows students the many career possibilities that exist in Appalachian Kentucky and beyond.


Penny Jordan, Director of Finance and Operations
Penny Jordan provides oversight and leadership to Finance and Operations. The Finance and Operations Team provides financial expertise and operational support to Partners for Education’s programs and partners while ensuring that all programs are in compliance with fiscal guidelines.