Talent Search

Beginning in 1991, Berea College has been home to a federal TRIO Talent Search program. Talent Search provides school-based academic counseling and career exploration activities and focuses on college preparatory support for qualifying students in grades 8-12. Services provided include: high-quality tutoring; academic, career, and financial aid counseling; college visits; cultural field trips; and career site visits. Talent Search provides school-based services for low-income and first-generation students in three counties and serves 800 students per year.

This program identifies and assists students who have the potential to succeed in higher education, but who may face barriers to success. Talent Search publicizes the availability of financial aid and assists participants with the college and university application materials. Students receive academic, career and financial counseling. The program serves both middle and high school students simultaneously.

Talent Search Middle Schools

  • Clay County Middle School
  • McCreary County Middle School
  • Northern Middle School, Pulaski County
  • Southern Middle School, Pulaski County

Talent Search High Schools

  • Clay County High School
  • McCreary Central High School
  • Pulaski County High School
  • Southwestern High School, Pulaski County